Installing your water softener

Choose the best option for youimg-diy-plumber-dealer

You’ve done the research and now you’re ready to purchase and install your water softener. Whether you’re using a dealer, a plumber or your own DIY skills, there are advantages and disadvantages to each installation method. Below is a breakdown of what you can expect from each installation option, so you can choose the best approach for you.

Doing it yourself

Installing the water softener yourself allows you to work on the project at your own pace and without spending extra money on a plumber. If you understand and are comfortable with the principles of plumbing, the project will take no more than half a day. And if you’re simply replacing an old water softener, this can be completed in about an hour.

You’ll want to make sure you have all the necessary supplies and tools before you begin, as you may need to cut some pipes to align your water softener and water supply lines. And to help installation go smoothly, creating a detailed checklist before you begin will ensure you don’t miss any key steps.

Working with a retailer

If you purchased your water softener through a retailer, you may have the option of using their installation service for an added charge. It may take several days to schedule the installation, as the retailer uses an installer in their network who’s equipped to install your particular system. And since the retailer sets the appointment for you, they’ll be able to negotiate rates, helping you get the best installation price.

Using a local plumber

Purchasing a water softener from your nearby home improvement store means you can either install it yourself, have the retailer manage the installation, or call a local plumber. If your plumbing skills are shaky, professional installation by your local plumber is still affordable and will give you peace of mind that it’s been done correctly. As for availability, you may not get an appointment right away, so plan in advance to ensure your water softener is installed as soon as possible after purchase. If you haven’t already purchased a water softener but are starting to research plumbers, they may try to lead you toward a particular product they carry—even though it may not be the right option for your home or your budget. When the plumber arrives, make sure you have your water softener and its intended location ready for the plumber to make sure the installation goes quickly.

Using a dealer or water treatment specialist

When working with a water softener dealer, they’ll help you select a custom solution for your home and install the appliance as well. In fact, many dealers offer the opportunity to rent a system on a monthly basis, which is another option to consider for your household needs. If you aren’t sure which features you need or the best capacity for your home, working with a dealer is the most user-friendly option; however, it’s also the priciest.

Depending on your experience, comfort level and budget, there’s an installation option for everyone, so you can find the right balance and best solution for your home. For a comprehensive look at all your installation options, you can use this breakdown, which includes a detailed review of cost, time and difficulty.