How Water Softeners Work

If you have hard water, a water softener is the solution to spotty dishes, dry skin and limescale buildup in pipes and appliances. Here’s how just one system can dramatically improve your water.

how water softener works diagram


  1. Resin beads hold sodium.
  2. Hard water flows through the resin beads
  3. Sodium is swapped for hard water minerals

water softening resin beads process

Did You Know?

The amount of sodium that gets released into a gallon of softened water is about as much as what you’d find in 2 slices of white bread.

how water softening system regeneration works diagram


  1. Brine solution is created with the salt you add to the softener
  2. Solution flows through the resin tank
  3. Sodium is exchanged for the hard water minerals trapped in the beads

water softener resin bead cleaning diagram

Did You Know?

Most newer, high-efficiency water softeners use less than 10 bags of salt per year.


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