Three surprising reasons to use filtered water

christmasCookingWhen preparing food for the holidays, you want to impress family and friends with the best-tasting dishes possible. But did you know that your water might be preventing you from serving the perfect meal?

Hard water can leave you with spotty, filmy dishes, but you may not be aware that it also affects your cooking and baking. Here are the top three reasons filtered water makes a big difference in the kitchen:

Taste the difference

Does your tap water have a foul odor or taste? The culprit could be chlorine and impurities in your water. When you use tap water to wash your fruits and vegetables or cook pasta, the undesirable taste of the water doesn’t disappear. Instead, it’s absorbed into your food and affects the flavor. By filtering your water, the impurities and chlorine are removed and you’re left with higher quality, better tasting water for your holiday dishes. Specifically, you’ll notice that your pastas and rice will cook faster and have a creamier texture.

Bake Better Bread

Are you frustrated with your baked goods not turning out right? Before you place blame on your culinary skills, know that your water may be the problem. Hard water minerals such as calcium and magnesium or chlorine-rich tap water affect the performance of some ingredients, including yeast. Minerals in your water change the gluten structure of dough, making it tough or slowing the fermentation process. Filtered water gets rid of unwanted minerals in your water, so you can bake better bread.

Bright and Festive Food

Are your veggies losing their vibrant color? The high chlorine level in your water is likely the culprit. Why? Chlorine is an ingredient in bleach, so it makes sense that it would strip the colors from your food, leaving them a faded, yellowish color. Filtered water removes chlorine, so your food maintains its vibrant color.

Don’t let your water prevent you from creating the perfect holiday for friends and family. By installing a 2-in-1 softener and whole home filtration system, you can easily remove chlorine and other impurities while improving the taste of your food and the appearance of your home. To learn more about selecting the best system for your home, use this checklist.