Easy Ways to Test for Hard Water

There are 3 easy and cost-effective ways you can test for hard water in your home. We explain the methods so you know if you have hard water.

1. Check Your City's Website

The first method is to go online and check with your city. They provide an annual Water Quality Report that is available for anybody to read. They tell you where your water comes from and what’s in it. They also include your area’s hard water number so you know what water softening solution you need.

2. In-Home Water Test

You can test for hard water in your home by taking a clean and clear bottle. Fill one-third of the bottle with tap water. Then, pour a few drops of pure Castile liquid soap into the bottle and shake. Make sure you use pure liquid soap because it doesn’t contain additives that will create suds in hard water.

If you have soft water, your bottle should still be filled a third of the way with water and two-thirds filled with bubbles from the soap.

If you have hard water, the water in the bottle will be cloudy and there will be a thin layer of bubbles.

3. Free Hard Water Test Kit

To find how hard your water is, you’ll need a test kit. You can get a free hard water test kit here and find the right softener for your home.

Fill a glass with cold water and then dip your test strip in the glass for 3-5 seconds before removing. Compare the color on your test strip with the hard water color chart, and that will give you your home’s hard water number in grains per gallon.

This chart ranges from 0 to 60. 60 will be a dark red color.

Knowing your specific number will help you find the right softener for your home. You can shop for water softeners by going to EcoPureHome and find the solution that’s best for you.