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Busted: Hard Water Myths For all the benefits that softer water offers your home, there are still false beliefs about what it does to your water. In this video, we bust those myths. Myth No. 1: Water softeners make your water salty and add sodium to your diet. This is false. There are only about 20 milligrams (mg) of salt found in an 8-ounce glass of water. That’s equal to a few grains of table salt. There are approximately 2,300 mg of salt in a teaspoon, 59 mg of salt in an egg and 120 mg in a glass of milk. Water softeners do not alter the taste of your water or impact your daily diet. Myth No. 2: Water softeners remove important minerals from your drinking water. This is false. Water softeners only get rid of minerals your body cannot absorb such as magnesium and calcium. After water is softened, no nutrients are lost that will benefit your health. Myth No. 3: Water softeners are expensive to operate in your home. This is false. Your water softener will cost you $10/year on your electric bill — that’s the same as it takes to run your alarm clock. Water softeners can actually save you up to $800/year by extending the life of your fabrics, reducing the amount of soaps and cleaning product you use and improve the performance of appliances such as your dishwasher and washing machine. To learn more about where it will save you, check out our “The Impact of Hard Water on Your Wallet” video. The new water softening systems that you can find on EcoPureHome only use 6-8 bags of salt per year — that’s nearly half of the salt it used to take on older systems. If you’re having troubles finding the right water softener solution for your home, use our water test tool and find what you need.