Quick Water Softening Tips to Prepare for the Holidays in Style

The holidays are a fun time to spend with family and friends. However, you may not always feel like you look your best during this festive season. Along with the harsh winter weather, hard water may be the main contributor to your dry skin and dull hair. If you have been experiencing any of the below grooming problems, your hard water may be to blame.

hard water grooming


Cause and Solutions


Clogged pores and breakouts
Cause: Hard water minerals leaving a film of soap scum on skin
Solution: Combine filtered honey and cinnamon to create a face mask


Dry skin
Cause: Minerals in hard water stripping the skin of natural oils
Solution: Apply warm coconut oil to skin before bed and wash off in the morning


Razor burn
Cause: Hard water makes skin sensitive
Solution: Apply Aloe Vera to the irritated area


Dry hair
Cause: Hard water mineral buildup on your scalp and hair
Solution: Apply a mashed avocado to wet hair and let sit for 10 minutes


Greasy scalp
Cause: Hard water minerals combined with your natural oils
Solution: Apply dry shampoo


Brassy tint in your hair
Cause: Combined effect of hard water and chlorine
Solution: Wash hair with purple shampoo


Flaky scalp
Cause: Hard water minerals
Solution: Apply warm olive oil to the scalp and leave in for one hour


Hard water contains high mineral content (calcium, magnesium and iron) which can distress both your hair and skin. One simple solution is to install a water softener. By having soft water you can eliminate the grooming problems from hard water listed above. Soft water is an easy solution to help you look and feel your best this holiday season.


There are a few options when it comes to installing a water softener. To learn more about the different options visit the “Install & Maintain” tab on our website.